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Leave A Legacy

Leave a legacy and change the path of a future community leader by supporting The Jason Ackerman Foundation Legacy Scholarships.

Businesses and families in Tampa Bay have reached out to The Jason Ackerman Foundation and provided specific annual Legacy Scholarship opportunities named for their company or family member.

These funds have been raised through independent events, other foundation funds and even given as honoring a family member or friend.

Please contact us if you would like to be a part of our Leave a Legacy Program. You can help create the guidelines and meet the youth that fit the criteria at our annual luncheon held each summer in June.

The 2015-2016 Legacy Scholarships:

The Charles Fest Memorial Scholarship ~ $5000 – Granted to an individual who has surpassed all obstacles to succeed.
The Maryann Hannon Memorial Scholarship ~ $3000 – Granted to youth who have tragically lost a parent.
The Probst Family Memorial Scholarship ~ $2500 – Granted to a youth who has lost an influential family member.
The Fest Family Scholarship ~ $1500 – Granted to a student athlete who has shown great leadership within his team and school.

Our scholarship application opportunity for 2015 is now closed. 
Applications will be available again March 2016.

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