The JAF True Meaning of Giving



‘Tis the most magical time of the year, not just due to the magic of the holiday season but the understanding of the true meaning of giving.

It’s that time of year at the JAF where our scholars who have earned funding check in with us. They are not just simply awarded a check and sent on their way for a year, they are held to a standard and must maintain that. They each submit their grades and update our Executive Director on their semester of school activities and community interactions.

We thought those of you who support our mission with your time and funding might be interested in a few of their updates. It may help you understand why we are so inspired by these kids and what truly helps us understand the meaning and power of giving.

“This semester has been absolutely wonderful. As you will see from my unofficial transcript I received straight A’s this semester. Also as of yesterday I have officially passed all of my FTCE (Florida Teaching Certification Examinations). So now there is only one semester of classes and one internship standing between me and graduation next December. Its hard to believe that I am now a senior in college. I honestly feel like it was just yesterday that I was a senior in high school applying for this scholarship. Next semester I will be taking 16 credit hours again as well as be spending a whole lot more time in the elementary school. This Semester we were required to go once a week for the whole day leading up to two full weeks in the field, which I learned so much from that I plan to use in my future classroom. This next semester we will be required to go two full days a week leading up to three full weeks in the field. With classes, work, and field experience my schedule will definitely be packed full but I am looking forward to it all.
Thank you all at the Jason Ackerman Foundation for everything you do. The help of this scholarship truly means so much to me!” ~ Annie, STRAIGHT A’s at FSU!”

“I have been doing well both in and outside the classroom. I have been leading a team on some hybrid rockets to launch this upcoming semester, as well as, a two-stage rocket that will be launched in the coming months. I have been working with graduate students to research more into small molecule recognition and started working on a carbon dioxide filter that I am hoping will get a patent upon completion. Also, I have applied to the department of Chemical Engineering to be considered a Chemical Engineering student instead of General Engineering student.” ~ Jamie, Amazing from USF!

“I want to thank the you and the foundation for helping me throughout this semester. I was bummed when I couldn’t go to the scholarship event because I missed an opportunity to meet the amazing people who helped fund my education. It’s a blessing to have stress taken away from worrying about finances. From the seemingly endless hours studying to tragic events like the shooting–you guys have been here! So thank you, I hope everybody enjoys their break :)” ~ Angela, a gracious shining freshman from FSU!

Thank you all for  assisting 40 Florida students dreams of an education come true!

We could not accomplish our giving goals without you!!