Shannon Hannon-Oliviero

The Executive Director is the “face” or “leader” you see when being introduced to an organization. In truth, an organization is driven and lead by an entire team behind the scenes who donates their time.

Our Executive Director is our sole employee, a position that reports directly and respectfully to the president of the board, the officers of that board and the board of directors collectively. Each individual who respectfully donates their time, experience and efforts to insure the organization’s success, all involved driven by the mission and the youth served.

Her responsibilities include, though are not limited to:
Financial development – corporate sponsorships/partnerships, special events & grant writing
Program development – scholarship opportunities, scholars and ‘escape’ experiences
Office, finance and program management – records, calendars, etc.
Website management – (WordPress)
Social media management – facebook, twitter, blog posts
Develop volunteer & manage volunteer base
Manage budget
Public relations
Media relations
Public speaking