Some often wonder what criteria needs to be met to apply for a Jason Ackerman Foundation scholarship?

It’s simply about surviving unique and at times tragic life obstacles at a young age,  but really more about what that survivor chooses to do with it.

The Jason Ackerman Foundation is pleased to introduce our scholarship programs to the kids of “Project Shattered Silence”. A very unique performance by youth who come from every walk of life, but are determined to survive and thrive into adulthood.

We are so impressed by this community program at Ruth Eckerd Hall, founded by Jared O’Roark (front of picture), that we encourage you to take a look and possibly attend one of the performances yourself.

“Project: Shattered Silence is an Emmy Award-winning project that has been engaging and empowering audiences of all ages with its unique style of “reality theatre”. “Compositions” marks the 6th original production of this remarkable project that takes young adults and touches on topics that all ages can relate to. This is a engaging delve into the minds and lives of those we pass every day on the street in a performance that is not easily forgotten…”

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Any youth between the ages of 17 (high school senior) and 21, who fit our criteria are encouraged to apply. Application deadlines are May 9, 2014.
We look forward to welcoming YOU to our foundation family!