Why we do, what we do.

Executive Director Shannon with a few of our volunteers.
Executive Director Shannon with a few of our amazing volunteers. You should join us!

Many may ask, why we do, what we do? This organization began by honoring a wonderful young man who tragically was unable to fulfill his dream of a college education, therefore we grant opportunities to those who have worked hard to survive their circumstances and dream of not only a successful adulthood, but positively influencing communities who have lived their experience first hand.

When you witness so many youth take personal tragedy and turn it into fuel to not only make the world a better place, but specifically and positively influence the very situation that turned their family’s life upside down, it is beyond inspiring.  Their bravery is a constant reminder to enjoy each day, support those in need, be thankful for exactly what you have and through all means possible bury negativity at all costs.

Today as I read a scholarship application for The Jason Ackerman Foundation, Inc.​The John Hannon Assistance Fund​ I was again reminded of why we do, what we do. A young girl who’s family has experienced great fear, pain, grief and certainly a continued adjustment to daily life, was prompted to answer one of our application questions, describe yourself in 5 words. Her answer actually seemed effortless and I perceived it as a small window into who she has become: “I believe in the unbelievable.”

This time of year magnifies how thankful I am for the amazing youth we support, those who apply and are coming our way, our board of directors who just ‘get it’ and our incredibly dedicated volunteers and loyal community partners. We are only able to do what we do, because of you!

Personally, I need a few more words than 5 ~ I believe we are here to achieve the unbelievable.


ED of the JAF