Founded in memory of a wonderful, spirited young man, who possessed a passion for others and a deep respect for his real ‘heroes’ – survivors.

“My Heroes. Dad, my mom, and everyone who’s overcome struggle is who I look up to.. ”
~ Jason Ackerman

Ron and Tina, Jason’s parents, created the Jason Ackerman Foundation, a 501 c (3) organization with the support of friends, family and fellow community leaders to reach out to youth who have survived personal tragedy and have the strength to survive and thrive.

We all join together, ‘Healing Through Helping Others’ with the great hope of assisting tremendous heroes among us into adulthood. Amazing survivors that have traveled unspeakable journeys that given the tools will inspire throughout their lives making our world a place of better understanding, support and ultimately, joy.


Program eligibility requires survivorship of a health related or tragic, life altering circumstance out of their control, but they must show the passion to inspire others and the dedication to reach personal goals to insure a successful future.

Whatever their dreams may be… doctor, chef, business owner or mechanic ~ we will do whatever we can to help “our” youth reach their goals.