A Family Day On The Course Benefiting the Probst Family Memorial Scholarship
 The Probst Family Creating a Legacy 

They have gathered for years, the Probst “kids”. Three girls, two boys all enjoying a simple day of golf on a Sunday that actually lands on a Saturday in October… don’t ask, (wink-wink). Their generosity has benefited many worthy causes in Tampa Bay, all quite personal but this year was a bit different. This year they begin to build a legacy. The Probst Family Memorial Scholarship that will benefit  youth who have lost an influential family member, awarded June of 2015.

The criteria for the applicant will be heartfelt. They would have had a person in their life who has help mold them into who they are today. Helped established their values, build their dreams, set the bar for the expectation of who they want to be. This person is the voice in their head they will hear when some tough decision will have to be made or simply the joy from within that will bubble up when the impossible has been accomplished.

You see, this family honors their parents  Bob & Penny Probst who taught them to be kind, fun loving, adventurous, warm, generous, compassionate and successful people ~ each and every one in their own way. They will continue their wonderful parents legacy by supporting a deserving youth who seeks, strives and inspires to be all they have been and more. Succeeding not because they have to, because they need to.