Photography – a Privilage for a Non-Profit

Lisa Shorts & our Executive Director, Shannon

Photography tells the story. A beautiful reflection of what you have experienced or a way to share with others the magical moments in your life. In the real world, a grassroots non-profit could never afford to have their every move beautifully documented. We can. Kind of.

We at the Jason Ackerman Foundation are so very fortunate to have a staff photographer. Well, because the very talented Lisa Shorts of ImagoModo Photography donates 100% of her TIME and TALENT to our organization and has since the moment we began. Archiving our treasured moments and those of our ‘foundation family’ for years.

Soon we will be unveiling a DVD filled with those moments, but for now, please click the link below to view photos from our epic Mardi Gras Weekend. If you see one you like, feel free to order. A percentage comes back to the foundation and helps her cover a bit of her time.

Lisa also hosts camera classes for those of you interested in learning how to hone your own artistic skills in this very rewarding medium. IPhone selfies don’t make you a photographer, or so I’m told.

Thank you Lisa and for those of you we are fortunate to capture an image of,  thank you for being a part of our world.